Postdocs at MPIA

MPIA regularly offers postdoc positions in its various groups and departments.

You can find open positions on our jobboard, and they are also advertised in newspapers and in scientific journals.

If you have already held one or two post-doc positions and would now like to concentrate on scientific topics of your own, you may be interested in leading a Max Planck Research Group. You will find more information on this subject in the following FAQ page of the Max Planck Society.

In addition, the Minerva Program for young female scientists and the Otto Hahn Groups that are likewise sponsored by the Max Planck Society also offer numerous career prospects for talented scientists.

Postdoc representatives

For general questions involving post-doctoral researcher at MPIA, please feel free to contact our postdoc representatives:

Dr. Leindert Boogaard
  • + 49 6221 528-451
Dr. Giulia Perotti
  • +49 6221 528 326
Dr. Eleonora Zari
  • +49 6221 528-430

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