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Wolfgang Brandner
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Clénet, Y.; Gendron, E.,; Rousset, G.; Hippler, S.,; Eisenhauer, F.; Gillessen, S.; Perrin, G.; Amorim, A.; Brandner, W.; Perraut, K.; Straubmeier, C.
Dimensioning the Gravity adaptive optics wavefront sensor

Near-Infrared Adaptive Optics

GRAVITY's wavefront sensor and adaptive optics system

The wavefront sensor of GRAVITY will be of Shack-Hartmann-type using a lenslet mask with 9x9 micro-lenses. It  will be sensitive in the spectral range between 1.4 and 2.4 microns.

The AO system of GRAVITY uses the existing MACAO deformable mirrors installed at the VLTI. The real-time computers will be based on the SPART-light platform designed by ESO.

Dedicated interferometric algorithms will be used to avoid unwanted disturbances. This includes deformable mirror saturation management, anti-windup, and piston control. Vibration tracking will be imlemented as well.

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