27.01.2021 (Wednesday at 4.15 pm) – Prof. Dr. Christoph Heubeck

(Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet Jena)

Title: New geological insights from the Barberton Greenstone Belt and evidence for early "life on land"?

Meteoriten: Leben aus dem All

Scientific Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Thomas Henning
Prof. Dr. Thomas Henning
Director - Max Planck Institute for Astronomy; Professor at the University of Heidelberg
Phone:+49 6221 528-200

Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Königstuhl 17, 69117 Heidelberg

Personal homepageMPIA Heidelberg

Prof. Dr.  Mario Trieloff
Prof. Dr. Mario Trieloff
Professor at Heidelberg University
Phone:+49 6221 54-6022Fax:+49 6221 54-4805

Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Heidelberg,, Im Neuenheimer Feld 234-236, 69120 Heidelberg


Prof. Dr. Oliver Trapp
Prof. Dr. Oliver Trapp
Phone:+49 89 2180-77461Fax:+49 089 2180-77717

Department Chemie, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Butenandtstr. 5-13, Haus F; 81377 München

Personal homepage

Heidelberg Initiative for the Origins of Life – HIFOL

Heidelberg Initiative for the Origins of Life – HIFOL

The Heidelberg Initiative for the Origins of Life (HIFOL) seeks to understands one of the most fundamental questions for humanity: how did life emerge on Earth and whether life exists elsewhere in the Universe. HIFOL facilitates a wide range of interdisciplinary theoretical, experimental, and observational research covering the fields of astronomy, physics, geosciences, chemistry, biology and life sciences from a range of research institutes based in Heidelberg. HIFOL brings together researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, the University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg Institute of Theoretical Studies, and Kirchhoff Institute for Physics, each tackling different aspects of the same problem.

Astrophysicists aim to understand how planets form around stars and search for habitable Earth analogues, characterizing their atmospheres, using both space and ground based telescopes. Using both meteoritic and Earth sample, Geoscientists strive to unravel the past evolutionary history of the Solar System and Earth itself, including its interior, crust and hydrosphere. Chemists focus on studying the conditions at which amino acids, nucleotides and their first chains could be abiogenically synthesized and started the self-catalytic replication cycle, while biologists seek to figure out how transition from a non-living to a living world has occurred and where on early Earth it has happened, and how first cells, their membranes, metabolic and reproduction systems have emerged.

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