Roland Gredel
Phone: +49 6221 528-264



Please use the LBT style file 2015 and the LBT template 2015 for preparation of your proposal, and submit your proposal (pdf file) using the LBTO phase I tool PIT. All questions related to the preparation of your proposal should be directed to Roland Gredel (gredel at mpia dot de).

The deadline for submission is May 31, 2020.

The available instrumentation during semester 2019A is described here. Proposal evaluation criteria can be found under MPIA STAC.

Observations with LBC

Observations with LUCI

Observations with MODS

Observations with LMIRCam

LMIRCam in diffraction limited mode is available under a generic collaboration
agreement, please see

Observations with PEPSI

PEPSI is available as a PI-Instrument and require an explicit collaboration agreement with the PI of the instrument,

Klaus Strassmeier (kstrassmeier at aip dot de).

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