Presentations by members of the Gaia group

Stellar parameter estimation in the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis ConsortiumFrontiers of Stellar Spectroscopy in the Local Group and Beyond, MPIA Heidelberg, April 2015 [PDF]

A Bayesian method for the analysis of deterministic and stochastic time series, DPG Spring meeting, March 2015 [PDF]

Gaia and MPIA, MPIA PSF Seminar, February 2013 [PDF]

Patterns in astronomical impacts on the Earth: Testing the claims, Leiden Observatory Colloquium, January 2012 [] [PDF]

Overview of the DPAC "Astrophysical Parameters" Coordination Unit, Gaia Ground Segment Implementation Review, 28 September 2011, ESOC [PDF]

Inferring interstellar Galactic extinction with Gaia, ISM Workshop, Leiden, July 2011 [PDF]

Bayesian inference of stellar parameters and interstellar extinction using parallaxes and multiband photometry, JENAM 2010 and AG 2010 in September 2010 and ADASS 2010 November 2010 [PDF]

Estimating parameters from multidimensional data, ELSA Workshop, Heidelberg October 2009 [PDF]

Classification for large surveys: building pure samples of rare objects, JENAM 2009, 21 April 2009 [PDF]

Finding rare objects in astronomical surveys, Presentation to the group of Bernhard Schölkopf at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, 19 November 2008 [PDF]

Revealing the relevance of the solar orbit on terrestrial climate and cataclysms using Gaia, ESLAB08 "Cosmic Cataclysms and Life", 11 November 2008, [PDF]

Classification algorithms for Gaia, ELSA workshop on software engineering and numerics, Barcelona, 5 Sept 2008 [PDF]

What will Gaia do for the Galactic disk?, IAU Symposium 254, The Galactic disk in a cosmological context, 13 June 2008 [PDF]

Classification and parameter estimation in astronomy, University College London, Department of Mathematical Statistics, 4 February 2008 [PDF] [ODP]

The Gaia Galactic Survey Mission, 2nd Heidelberg Astronomy School, 5 September 2007 [PDF] [ODP]

The Gaia Galactic Survey Mission, MPIA Galaxy Coffee, 29 June 2007 [ODP]

Gaia data processing, IAU General Assembly, Prague, August 2006 [ODP]

The Gaia all-sky astrometric and spectrophotometric survey, Armagh Observatory, 29 June 2007 [PDF]

The Gaia Challenge, Strasbourg Observatory, 25 November 2005 [PDF] [PPT]

The impact of Gaia on the future of astrophysics, University of Potsdam, 14 October 2005 [PPT]

Mapping the universe in six dimensions with Gaia, University of Basel, 1 July 2005 [PDF]

Overview of the Gaia project, German Gaia co-ordination meeting, Heidelberg, November 2004 [PDF]

Object classification and the determination of stellar parameters, The three dimensional universe with Gaia, Paris, October 2004 [PDF]

HFD filter system design for Gaia, PWG meeting, Copenhagen, June 2004 [PDF]

Microarcsecond Astrometry with Gaia: The Solar System, the Galaxy and Beyond, IAU Symposium 196 (Transits of Venus), Preston, June 2004 [PDF]

Heuristic design of filter systems using an evolutionary algorithm, PWG meeting, Leiden, October 2003 [PDF]

Classification of GAIA data, Monte Rosa conference, September 2002 [PPT]

Object classification physical parametrization with GAIA and other large surveys, National Astronomy Meeting (UK), Bristol, April 2002 [PPT]

GAIA. Composition, Formation and Evoltion of Our Galaxy, Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy, 2002 [PPT]

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