First Surface map of a Brown Dwarf Shows Extraterrestrial Weather Patterns

Research report (imported) 2015 - Max Planck Institute for Astronomy

Crossfield, Ian; Biller, Beth; Schlieder, Joshua; Deacon, Niall; Bonnefoy, Mickaël; Buenzli, Esther; Henning, Thomas; Brandner, Wolfgang; Goldman, Bertrand; Kopytova, Taisiy; Mancini, Luigi; Cicer, Simon; Bailer-Jones, Coryn A. L.
„Planeten- und Sternentstehung”
Astronomers have presented the first detailed study of the atmospheric features – the extraterrestrial wea ther patterns – of a brown dwarf (an intermediate object between planet and star). The results include the first surface map of a brown dwarf and measurements at different wavelengths probing its atmosphere at different depths. They mark the beginning of an era in which astronomers will be able to compare models for cloud formation on brown dwarfs – and, eventually, on giant gas planets in distant star systems – with observations.

For the full text, see the German version.

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