Organizational Units

Information about the organizational units concerning management, evaluation, the institute's interactions with society, as well as special officers at MPIA.

The management represents the institute externally and coordinates the current activities. It consists of a director, the scientific advisor of the management and the head of the administration. The managing director has his own assistant, who supports the daily business. [more]
MPIA, as any other Max Planck Institute, is managed by its directors. Each director is a scientific member of the Max Planck Society e.V. and the head of one of the institute's scientific departments. The directors alternately act as managing directors. [more]
Each institute of the Max Planck Society has a Scientific Advisory Board (Fachbeirat). The Board conducts regular evaluations of the institute's scientific work. It advises both the institute and the president of the Max Planck Society as to the institute's future development and research strategy. Board members are scientists of international renown, both from Germany and abroad, who are in most cases not affiliated in any way with the Max Planck Society or involved in major institute projects. [more]
The members of the Board of Trustees link the institute with its regional and national scientific and social environment and support the institute's external relations. [more]


Internal Scientific Advisory Board [more]
Ombudsperson, Equal Opportunity Officer, Representative for Employees with Disabilities, and Other Staff Representatives [more]
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