Internal Scientific Advisory Board

March 09, 2023

Permanent WBK members

Name Position
Prof. Dr. Thomas Henning Director PSF
Prof. Dr. Hans-Walter Rix Director GC
Dr. Laura Kreidberg Director APEx
Dr. Klaus Jäger Scientific Coordinator
Mathias Voss Head of Administration
Dr. Roland Gredel MPIA Observatories
Representative in the CPTS
Employee representative
Postdoc representative
Student representative

(Secretary of the Managing Director)

Non-permanent WBK members

Dr. Henrik Beuther (PSF)
Dr. Mario Flock (PSF)
Dr. Fabian Walter (GC)
Dr. Eva Schinnerer (GC)
Dr. Coryn Bailer-Jones (APEx)
Dr. Wolfgang Brandner (APEx)

(Status: March 2023, K.J)

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