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A role for meteoritic iron in the emergence of life on Earth

Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy and Ludwig Maximilians University Munich have proposed a new scenario for the emergence of the first building blocks for life on Earth, roughly 4 billion years ago. more

A reluctant exoplanet lifts its veil – a bit

The James Webb Space Telescope reveals details of the atmospheric composition of the Mini-Neptune GJ 1214 b more

JWST peeks into the birthplaces of exoplanets

Astronomers excited by first JWST spectra of planetary cradles showing a rich and diverse chemistry more

In the foreground a sphere with dark and red-orange shades as well as horizontal stripes in front of a black background. Within it are scattered small bright dots. In the upper right you can see two bright dots standing close together.

JWST obtains a direct spectrum of the young exoplanet VHS 1256 b, not relying on transit measurements more

The James Webb Space Telescope Reveals Intricate Networks of Gas and Dust in Nearby Galaxies

New insight into where stars are being born in galaxies more

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