Data Science Department

Our Mission

The DS department at MPIA supports MPIA staff to carry out novel, cutting-edge research and to establish MPIA as a world-wide leader in astronomical data science.

Our main activities focus on three pillars

  • Solidify foundational hacking & coding skills
    Developing a solid base in modern engineering and data management practices among scientists. Complile library of resources, based on new and existing materials. Offer regular hands-on workshops.
  • Provide a space to explore and develop data science skills
    Focus on established and emerging techniques associated with data science - statistics, machine learning, algorithms. A forum to share experience, brainstorm ideas, and facilitate knowledge transfer.
  • Networking, outside presence and broader impact
    Building strong relationships with peers and industry in the area of data science to see the long game, adopt new technologies and influence their development, shortening the path to the next discovery. 

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