Galaxien und Kosmologie /
Galaxies and Cosmology (2002)

Conference Proceedings and Books

Geisler, D., E. K. Grebel and D. Minniti (Eds.): Extragalactic star clusters. Proceedings of IAU Symp. 207. ASP, San Francisco 2002, 778p

Grebel, E. K. and W. Brandner (Eds.): Modes of star formation and the origin of field populations. ASP Conf. Ser. 285. ASP, San Francisco 2002, 457p

Gupta, R., H. P. Singh and C. A. L. Bailer-Jones (Eds.): Automated data analysis in astronomy. Narosa Publ. House, New Delhi ; London 2002, 364p

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