Galaxien und Kosmologie /
Galaxies and Cosmology (2002)

Popular Papers

Harbeck, D., E. K. Grebel and G. H. Smith: Evidence for external enrichment processes in the globular cluster 47 Tuc? The Messenger 108, 26 (2002)

Labbé, I., M. Franx, E. Daddi, G. Rudnick, P. G. van Dokkum, A. Moorwood, N. M. Förster Schreiber, H.-W. Rix, P. van der Werf, H. Röttgering, L. van Starkenburg, A. van de Wel, I. Trujillo and K. Kuijken: Fires: Ultradeep near-infrared imaging with ISAAC of the Hubble deep field south. The Messenger 110, 38 (2002)

Meisenheimer, K. and C. Wolf: COMBO-17: Fifty thousand galaxies at a glance. Astronomy and Geophysics 43, 3.15-3.21 (2002)

Meisenheimer, K. and C. Wolf: Zehntausende Galaxien auf einen Blick. Sterne und Weltraum 41, 22 (2002)

Pentericci, L., H. W. Rix, X. Fan and M. Strauss: The VLT and the most distant quasars. The Messenger 108, 24 (2002)

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