Galaxien und Kosmologie /
Galaxies and Cosmology (2011)

Invited Papers and reviews

Fendt, C., B. Vaidya, O. Porth and S. S. Nezami: MHD simulations of jet formation – protostellar jets & applications to AGN jets. In: Jets at all Scales, (Eds.) Romero, G. E., R. A. Sunyaev, T. M. Belloni. IAU Symp. 275, Cambridge Univ. Press, 383-391 (2011)

Schartmann, M., K. Meisenheimer, H. Klahr, M. Camenzind, S. Wolf, T. Henning, A. Burkert and M. Krause: Hydrodynamic studies of turbulent AGN tori. In: JENAM 2008: Grand Challenges in Computational Astrophysics, (Eds.) Wozniak, H., G. Hensler. EAS Publications Series 44, EDP Sciences, 69-72 (2011)

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