Galaxien und Kosmologie /
Galaxies and Cosmology (2013)

Invited Papers and reviews

Amendola, L., S. Appleby, D. Bacon, T. Baker, M. Baldi, N. Bartolo, A. Blanchard, C. Bonvin, S. Borgani, E. Branchini, C. Burrage, S. Camera, C. Carbone, L. Casarini, M. Cropper, C. de Rham, C. Di Porto, A. Ealet, P. G. Ferreira, F. Finelli, J. García-Bellido, T. Giannantonio, L. Guzzo, A. Heavens, L. Heisenberg, C. Heymans, H. Hoekstra, L. Hollenstein, R. Holmes, O. Horst, K. Jahnke, T. D. Kitching, T. Koivisto, M. Kunz, G. La Vacca, M. March, E. Majerotto, K. Markovic, D. Marsh, F. Marulli, R. Massey, Y. Mellier, D. F. Mota, N. Nunes, W. Percival, V. Pettorino, C. Porciani, C. Quercellini, J. Read, M. Rinaldi, D. Sapone, R. Scaramella, C. Skordis, F. Simpson, A. Taylor, S. Thomas, R. Trotta, L. Verde, F. Vernizzi, A. Vollmer, Y. Wang, J. Weller and T. Zlosnik: Cosmology and fundamental physics with the Euclid Satellite. Living Reviews in Relativity 16, 6 (2013 online)

Carilli, C. L. and F. Walter: Cool gas in high-redshift galaxies. Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics 51, 105-161 (2013)

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