Videos highlighting research at MPIA

On this page you will find videos that illustrate research at the MPIA or were created in connection with individual research projects. Among them are visualizations and animations explaining the results of MPIA researchers.

The birthplaces of stars in the Whirlpool Galaxy

Animation illustrating the distribution of diazenylium and hydrogen cyanide within the Whirlpool Galaxy. Starting from an overview of the galaxy captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, the animation zooms in on the central region. Subsequently… more

Water in the terrestrial planet-forming zone of the PDS 70 disk

The animation explains the detection of water in the zone near the star PDS 70, where rocky planets usually form. First we see the starry sky and approach the position of PDS 70. Then the video shows two different observations of the planet-forming… more

TRAPPIST-1 c as seen by JWST

TRAPPIST-1 c as seen by JWST

Video June 19, 2023

The animation illustrates the observation of TRAPPIST-1 c. It starts with a top view of the planetary system of TRAPPIST-1 and then rotates to the perspective as observed from Earth. We see the primary and secondary eclipses as the planet passes in… more

Heat map for a Mini-Neptune

Heat map for a Mini-Neptune

Video May 10, 2023

The animation shows the results of the measurements carried out with the MIRI spectrograph of the JWST to characterise the exoplanet GJ 1214 b. From left to right: temperature curve along the east-west direction, centred around longitude zero, whichmore

A transiting young warm super-Jupiter in orbit around HD 114082

This video zooms into the Milky Way to the position of the young Sun-like star HD 114082 with an exoplanet and a debris disk. After arriving at the site, we see the orbit of the exoplanet HD 114082 b and the transit signal measured by the spacecraft… more

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