Videos highlighting research at MPIA

On this page you will find videos that illustrate research at the MPIA or were created in connection with individual research projects. Among them are visualizations and animations explaining the results of MPIA researchers.

A transiting young warm super-Jupiter in orbit around HD 114082

This video zooms into the Milky Way to the position of the young Sun-like star HD 114082 with an exoplanet and a debris disk. After arriving at the site, we see the orbit of the exoplanet HD 114082 b and the transit signal measured by the spacecraft… more

Zooming toward the stellar black hole "Gaia BH1"

This video zooms into the Milky Way at the position of the stellar black hole “Gaia BH1”, which is currently the closest black hole to Earth. After arriving at this location, we see the orbit of a sun-like star around Gaia BH1.More information in the… more

Radial velocity survey for planets around young stars (RV SPY)

Olga Zakhozhay presents the RV SPY observing program and reports on the discovery of the youngest exoplanet yet known to have mass and size. The talk was a contribution to the "Life In The Universe" conference in Sofia, Bulgaria in October 2022. more

Towards Molecular Complexity

Towards Molecular Complexity

Video November 01, 2022

In this talk, Thomas Henning explains the findings on biochemistry that led to the origin of life on Earth and possibly on other celestial bodies. The talk was a contribution to the conference “Life In The Universe” in Sofia, Bulgaria in October… more

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