Group members

Group members

Maria Bergemann (group leader)

PhD: Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich
Stellar Atmospheres and stellar evolution, Nucleosynthesis, Stellar surveys, Chemical evolution of the Milky Way

Annika Oetjens (BSc)

Evolution of stellar rotation and angular momentum transfer in binary systems (planet-star and star-star dynamical interactions)

Katerina Semenova (PhD)

Stellar physics, photometry, spectral analysis
Physical processes in stellar interior

Analysis of the effects of diffusion and gravitational setting using the Gaia-ESO observations of open clusters

Mikhail Kovalev (PhD)

NLTE spectral analysis; the Gaia-ESO survey,
machine learning techniques;
Stellar Spectroscopy webtools

Matthew Gent (PhD)

Bayesian methods and astrophysical spectroscopy; Stellar surveys: Gaia-ESO, Gaia, PLATO;
Rotation evolution of cool stars and stellar wind torque models; Galactic structure

Camilla Hansen (Postdoc)

PhD: Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Stellar spectroscopy, chemical abundances;  Nucleosynthesis of heavy elements; Galactic chemical evolution; Supernova yields; Chemical composition of meteorites

Richard Hoppe (Internship)

Coupled evolution of stars and protoplanetary disks
Radiative transfer in the solar chromosphere and chemical abundances of the Sun

Andrew Gallagher (Postdoc)

PhD: University of Hertfordshire
Precision spectroscopy; 3D atmosphere modelling and NLTE spectrum synthesis; CNO molecular bands; heavy element nucleosynthesis; metal-poor stars; high performance computing 

Jeffrey Gerber (Postdoc)

PhD: Indiana University
Interests: stellar evolution, high and low resolution spectroscopy; development of the analysis pipeline for the 4MOST spectroscopic survey; evolutionary changes in the surface abundances (C,N,O,Na) of red giant branch stars; Galactic globular clusters

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