Research projects

Research projects

Radiation transfer in stellar atmospheres
We are interested non-equilibrium radiation transfer in stellar atmospheres. We develop Non-LTE models of atoms and molecules and use them in spectroscopy with 1D LTE atmospheres and 3D radiation-hydrodynamic simulations of stellar convection.

Large-scale stellar surveys
We play key roles in several large-scale observational programs: the Gaia-ESO survey, the upcoming 4MOST, PLATO, and MSE projects. 

Origins of chemical elements
We use observations and models to study cosmic nucleosynthesis and properties of supernovae, compact binary mergers, and massive stars.

Stellar Populations in Galaxies
We are interested in different aspects of observational galactic chemo-dynamics, including chemical and dynamical properties of star clusters, abundance gradients in the Milky Way and its satellities, and the structure of the Milky Way disk and bulge.

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