Applying to MPIA

There are several ways to become a research student at MPIA. Please note that you can apply to the MPIA prior to going through the University's admission procedure. PhD students may either contact the MPIA directly or via the International Max Planck Research School for Astronomy and Cosmic Physics, whose web pages are here:

IMPRS students will follow the graduate program of the research school offered in English language. IMPRS announces several fellowships once a year and candidates are selected by a competetive comparison of usually about 100 applicants. If you have question about IMPRS please contact the school coordinator Christian Fendt (see contact info on the right).

If you do not apply via the IMPRS school, but directly to MPIA, then you should first make sure you fulfill the University's requirements. Next, you should set up an appointment with MPIA's Student Committee. Please contact the chair of the Student Committee, Prof. Klaus Meisenheimer to arrange for an interview (contact information on the right).

The members of the Committee are:

Dr. Henrik Beuther
  • +49 6221 528-447
Personal homepage
Prof. Dr. Christian Fendt
IMPRS coordinator, Scientific Staff
  • +49 6221 528-387
Personal homepage Ombuds info
Dr. Reinhard Mundt

For a description of how to reach MPIA, please follow this link.

During your visit at MPIA your interests and the available thesis topics will be discussed. The MPIA is an equal opportunity employer, and we particularly encourage women to apply.

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