Director's Discretionary Time (DDT) during MPIA observing blocks at the ESO/MPG 2.2m

During scheduled MPIA-blocks at the 2.2m telescope, up to 5% of the available observing time is set aside as Director's Discretionary Time (DDT). The DDT is intented to facilitate observations that address scientific areas that are missed in the regular proposal review process.

In order to qualify, a DDT-proposal should be short, concise, and time-critical, and belong to one of the following categories:

  • proposal is of ToO nature and require the immediate observation of a sudden and unexpected astronomical event
  • proposal focuses on a hot and highly competitive scientific topic
  • proposal requests follow-up observations of a programme recently conducted from ground-based or space facility, where a quick implementation should provide break-through results
  • proposal is of highly risky nature

DDT-proposals may be submitted at any time to the chair of the STAC, "Oliver Krause" <krause at>, in any format. The proposal will be reviewed by a sub-committee of the STAC, who will send a recommendation for implementation, or rejection, to the directors of MPIA. Final decision of implementation of a DDT-proposal rests with the directors of MPIA.

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