Zemax Training Course at MPIA

August 03, 2017

01. – 04. August

MPIA organized a custom training course on OpticsStudio (ZEMAX) with selected topics related with the current instrumentation projects and they were chosen by the participants. The course lasted four days and took place in the House of Astronomy.The participants came from the following institutes: MPI für Extraterrestrial Physics, MPI for Intelligent Systems Tübingen, Landessternwarte Heidelberg, the Netherlands Research School (NOVA) and the MPI for Astronomy. The course was designed for special topics related with the optimization of optical systems that go beyond normal applications. Were treated 'Asphere design', 'Stray light analysis', 'Non-sequential ghosting', 'Physical optics propagation', 'programming interface to Mathlab, Python, C # and C ++'.

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