Harold C. Urey Prize for Anders Johansen

July 23, 2013

The Division for Planetary Sciences (DPS) of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) awarded Dr. Anders Johansen the Harold C. Urey Prize for his outstanding achievement in planetary research. Anders Johansen finished his PhD thesis in 2007 in the Planet and Star Formation Department (PSF) at MPIA and some of his most important papers were related to his work at the institute. In the official statement of AAS his work was recognized as follows:

"Dr. Anders Johansen's pioneering work on planetesimal accretion and more recently on giant planet core formation has provoked paradigm shifts in a field which for years had been plagued by long-standing problems. By filling not one but two major gaps in one of the most difficult areas of solar system studies, Dr. Johansen's findings represent one of the most significant contributions to the field."

Anders Johansen is currently Associate Senior Lecturer at the University of Lund in Sweden, obtained his bachelor's and master's degrees from Copenhagen University and worked after his PhD-time in Heidelberg as a postdoctoral fellow at Leiden Observatory.

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