VIHREN Grant for Trifon Trifonov

December 20, 2021

Trifon Trifonov of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) has been awarded the prestigious VIHREN science grant from the Bulgarian National Science Fund (BNSF). This will allow him to establish an external research group.

In Bulgaria, the acronym VIHREN stands for „Excellent Research and People for the Development of European Science“ and denotes the most competitive and prestigious science fellowship in Bulgaria. Applicant scientists must demonstrate the scientific excellence and viable feasibility of their proposed project proposal in order to prevail in the strong and competitive field of applicants.

The funding amounts to the equivalent of 525,000 Euros over the next five years and will enable Trifon Trifonov to establish an external scientific research group at Sofia University. The plan is to staff this group with a software engineer, two PhD students and a postdoc. In addition, the budget will allow, for example, funding for travelling, publications, or computer hardware. The group will be active in exoplanet research.

Trifon Trifonov conducts research at MPIA in the Planet and Star Formation (PSF) department, which is headed by Director Thomas Henning.



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