Spectroscopic Surveys

MPIA is also involved in several spectroscopic surveys, which shed light on both intrinsic stellar properties and their radial (i.e., line-of-sight) velocities. SDSS-V is a large spectroscopic survey being conducted from both Arizona and Chile. Through 2025, SDSS-V will gather all-sky, multi-epoch optical and near-infrared spectroscopy of millions of stars in the Milky Way, as well as extragalactic objects such as quasars. The Milky Way group will use SDSS-V spectroscopy to study the Milky Way disc and stellar physics. 4MOST is an upcoming (2023-2028) spectroscopic survey to be conducted on the 4-metre VISTA telescope in Paranal, Chile. The Astrophysical Spectroscopy and Stellar Populations group at MPIA plays a leading role in the development of 4MOST’s high-spectral-resolution survey of the Milky Way disc and bulge.


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