Hydrodynamic Instabilities

Hydrodynamic Instabilities

Hydrodynamic instabilities may lead to vortex formation and thus initiate dust concentration in the inner Protoplanetary disk (<100Au) or lead to direct gravitational collapse and giant planet collapse in the outer disk.
We investigate various scenarios for the stability and involved timescales of those features in shearing boxes, global 2D and 3D simulations.


We are interested in predicting the amount of radial angular momentum transport in the disk depending on the injecting instability and the resulting turbulence. This angular momentum transport is a crucial parameter for the prediction of planet formation and therefore of considerable interest in the research community.

Group Members working on this project

I am the group head and therefore interested in all my group's science activities. However my personal interest concentrates most strongly on the above mentioned processes.

Large disks may fragment into bound clumps by self-gravity. Disk fragmentation requires short cooling times to form giant gas planets, possibly leading to planets forming at cool places far from its host star. My research focuses on how the cooling of the disk changes the anticipated formation domain of planets formed by gravitational instability.

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