Group members

Group members

Group leader

Annalisa Pillepich

Annalisa Pillepich

Group Leader
ADS Papers
Academic path: Universita' di Pisa (bachelor & Master in Physics), ETH Zurich (PhD), UCSC (postdoc), Harvard University (postdoc)

Research interest: Numerical astrophysics, galaxy formation and cosmology


Nhut Truong

Nhut Truong

Academic path: University of Science in Ho Chi Minh City (Bachelor in Physics), University of Padova (Master in Astrophysics), University of Rome "Tor Vergata" (PhD in Astrophysics), Hungarian Academy of Science - Eotvos Lorand University “Lendulet Hot Universe” research group (postdoc)

Research interests: Galaxies and clusters formation and evolution, supermassive black holes feedback, cosmological simulations, synthetic X-ray analyses

STRUCTURES Postdocs (with Heidelberg University)

Joe Lewis

Joe Lewis

Academic path: University of Strasbourg (PhD)

Research interests: Galaxy formation, reionization, high-redshift galaxies, cosmological simulations, radiative transfer

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith

Academic path: Durham University (undergrad), University of Cambridge (PhD), Harvard University and CCA (postdoc)

Research interests: Galaxy formation, stellar feedback, numerical astrophysics

PhD Students

Lukas Eisert

Lukas Eisert

Academic path: University of Stuttgart (B.Sc. Simulation Technology),
University of Heidelberg (M.Sc. Physics)

Research interests: Galaxy Formation and Evolution, Cosmological Simulations, Data Science/Machine Learning

Diego Sotillo Ramos

Diego Sotillo Ramos

Academic path: Universidad de Valladolid and Universität Stuttgart (Mechanical Engineering), Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (B.Sc. Physics), Universidad Complutense de Madrid (M.Sc. Astrophysics)

Research interests: galaxy formation and evolution, galaxy clusters, galactic dynamics, cosmological simulations

Eric Rohr

Eric Rohr

Academic path: University of Virginia (B.Sc. Astronomy-Physics)

Research interests: Galaxy formation and evolution, cosmological simulations, cosmic baryon cycle, relationship between baryons and dark matter, galaxy mergers

Undergrad Students (Master and Bachelor)

Kaj Kramer: “The alpha abundances of satellite and halo stars in TNG50 MW/M31-like galaxies”

Noa Hoffmann: “Mocking stellar haloes of TNG50 MW/M31-like galaxies”

Former Group Members: Postdocs

Dr. Martina Donnari (2018-2021), now in teaching

Dr. Gandhali Joshi (2017-2021), now postdoc at University College London

Dr. Elaz Zinger (2017-2020), now at Researcher at Hebrew University

Dr. Allison Merritt (2017-2021, MPIA fellow), now in industry

Dr. Maxim Trebitsch (2019-2021, STRUCTURES postdoc), now postdoc at the University of Groningen

Dr. Gergo Popping (2017-2019, MPIA fellow), now staff at ESO -- ADS Papers and webpage

Dr. Mark Lovell (2016-2017), now postdoc at the University of Iceland

Former Group Members: PhD students

Chris Engler (2018-2022), now in industry: “Populations of satellite galaxies with the IllustrisTNG simulations”

Kiyun Yun (2016-2020): “Galaxy Evolution in Groups and Clusters with computer simulations”

Former Group Members: Master students

2022 Martin Fournier: “Properties of the Magellanic Cloud Analogs in TNG50” (Simulation Videos)

2022 Nikhil Bisht: “Radial Migration of Stars of Milky Way/M31 analogs in the TNG50 Simulation”

2021 Junia Goeller: “The Star Formation Properties of Jellyfish Galaxies in TNG50”

2019 Lukas Eisert: “From the morphologies of stellar haloes to the assembly histories of galaxies" (paper)

2018 Sebastian Schulz :“The IRX - beta dust attenuation relation: Insights from IllustrisTNG” (paper)

2018 Moritz Fischer:“How different are in-situ and ex-situ stellar population properties?” (webpage)

Former Group Members: Bachelor students and interns

2022 Maria Renee Meza (MPIA summer intern): “The star formation histories of Milky Way-like galaxies in the TNG100 simulation: The bar-SMBH connection”

2020 Rahul Ramesh (DAAD intern, now PhD student at ITA): “The stellar mass assembly of galaxies at the centers of groups and clusters” (webpage)

2018 Lisa-Marie Zessner (now PhD student at MPS): “Stellar metallicity Gradients in IllustrisTNG Stellar Halos”

2018 Patrick Ondratschek (now PhD student at MPS): “The stellar density profiles of IllustrisTNG stellar haloes”

2017 Luis Hellmich (summer intern): “Effects of baryons on the subhalo mass function”

2017 Max Sasserath (with Hans-Walter Rix): “Predicted satellite galaxy abundance around the Milky Way in hydrodynamical simulations”



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