The GRAVITY+ project will upgrade GRAVITY and the VLTI in order to open up the extragalactic sky for milliarcsecond-resolution interferometric imaging, and give access to targets as faint as K = 22 mag. GRAVITY+ will measure the black hole masses of active galactic nuclei across cosmic time, and obtain high-quality exoplanet spectra and orbits.

GRAVITY+ will provide wide-field off-axis fringe tracking, and improved sensitivity and contrast from new natural guide star and laser guide star adaptive optics for all VLT 8 m unit telescopes.  As an infrastructure upgrade of the VLTI, GRAVITY+ will serve all present and future VLTI instruments along with their communities.

GRAVITY+ is currently build by a consortium including MPE, INSU/CNRS, University of Cologne, MPIA, CENTRA, University of Southampton, and associated partner KU Leuven, in close collaboration with ESO.


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