Instrumentation Projects of the PSF department

The PSF department is involved in a number of astronomical instrumentation projects, ranging from space instruments like MIRI and long baseline interferometers like GRAVITY to Adaptive Optics instruments like SPHERE.

For a list of all current and past MPIA instrumentation projects, see the overview of ground-based and of space-based projects.

Current instrumentation projects

METIS is one of the three first instruments for the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT), Europe’s next-generation ground-based telescope for optical and infrared wavelengths which is currently under construction at the ESO site at Cerro Armazones in Chile. [more]
GRAVITY is a 2nd generation near-infrared VLTI instrument that combines the light of the four unit or four auxiliary telescopes of the ESO Paranal observatory in Chile. [more]
The main objective of SPHERE is to detect and characterize, by means of direct imaging, giant exoplanets in orbit around nearby stars. [more]
A mid-infrared imaging spectro-interferometer for the ESO/VLT. more
Mid-infrared Instrument for the James Webb Space Telescope (NASA, ESA and CSA) more
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