PSF Coffee

PSF Coffee is held every Wednesday at 14:00 in MPIA's seminar room. The current organiser is Hendrik Linz.

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PSF Journal Club

The MPIA Planet and Star Formation (PSF) Journal Club meets on alternating Tuesdays of every month to discuss recent papers in an informal setting.

We welcome any member of the PSF department to bring a paper of personal interest, briefly highlighting its major features, ideas, issues, and conclusions. Journal club is meant to be informal (e.g., no power-point) and operates as an open discussion to stimulate discussion and cross communication between the various PSF sub-departments. In order to save on paper, we use laptops or other electronic devices to view publications, allowing us to follow up on references or other questions. Tea, coffee, and biscuits are also provided.


If you would like more information about the PSF Journal Club, please contact Juan Soler (

Time, Date and Location

Level 3 Seminar Room (306), every second Tuesday from 11:00 - 12:15 (with time to overrun if needed)

Interested in leading a PSF Journal Club discussion?

The PSF Journal Club lives on volunteers to lead the discussions, which does not take a lot of effort. Simply bring an interesting paper that you have read (or have started reading) and share that paper with the rest of the PSF Journal Club.

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