Large Science Programs

I am participating and co-leading a number of large science programs. I am a Co-I of the SPHERE planet finder instrument for the VLT and a Co-PI of the mid-infrared instruments MIRI for the James Webb Space Telescope and the MATISSE instrument for the VLTI. In addition, I am a member of the science teams of the VLTI GRAVITY instrument and the E-ELT METIS instrument.

Hat-South: Exoplanet Transit Network

MIRI @ JWST: Exoplanets & Disks

SPHERE @ VLT: Disks & Exoplanets

CID @ IRAM/ALMA: Chemistry in Disks 

EDEN: Exo Earth Discovery and Exploration Network

WINE: Warm Giants with Tess Collaboration

PRODIGE: PROtostars and Disks: Global Evolution

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