As a guest, you will need temporary accomodation in Heidelberg. As a new staff member, you will likely need temporary accomodation before moving to a more permanent home.

Max Planck House Tucson

The house is fully equipped and furnished with some additional things for your convenience, comfort and/or safety. more

Finding a home

As a new staff member, you will likely find temporary accomodation first. But MPIA's International Office will also help you find a more permanent home. more

Max Planck House Heidelberg

The Max Planck House (MPH) is a guest house next to the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research (on the university's science campus Neuenheimer Feld). Rooms and apartments are available to all guests / newly arrived staff of Heidelberg's Max Planck Institutes. more

MPIA Guest House

For temporary accomodation right next to the institute, consider the MPIA guest house, available to guests and newcomers at reasonable rates. more

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