Finding books

The MPIA Online Catalogue will show you whether a book is available here at MPIA:

Once you have found an item:

  • click its title to get a page with more detailed information
  • click "Holdings" to see where the book is located:
    • "Astronomie Heidelberg - Monographien" means the MPIA main library
    • If the book has been checked out, a placeholder in the library will tell you where it is
    • "Astronomie Heidelberg - Arbeitszimmer" means someone has this book in his/her office long-term; ask the librarian
    • "Haus der Astronomie" is the HdA's small library

Online? Or in Heidelberg?

If a book is not in the MPIA library (or even if it is!), you should check out the MPG eBooks catalogue. It's possible that the book you're looking for is among those licensed to the MPG, after all. If so, you could just download it as a PDF!

Alternatively, holdings of the Heidelberg University library and institutes can be found on HEIDI - Catalogue for libraries of Heidelberg University.

Inter-library loan / Buying books

If these searches didn't yield a result, consider an inter-library loan. Contact your friendly MPIA librarian (contact data: top right) for details. The book would be delivered right to MPIA for you. Also contact your librarian if you think that MPIA should buy the book for its library.

E-books and Series Titles

Here is a list of e-books/series that MPIA is licensed for.

AIP Conference Proceedings Volume 500 (2000) and later
ASP Conference Series
Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics
IAU Proceedings
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Lecture Notes in Physics
Safari Tech Books Online
SPIE Digital Library (incl. Proceedings)
SpringerLink (Astronomy books)
SpringerLink (Book series Astronomy)
SpringerMaterials (The Landolt-Börnstein Database)
Springer Reference (Encyclopedia of Astrobiology)

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