Codes and Software

Planet and Star Formation Department


Solves chemical kinetics problems in astrophysics, including gas-grain interactions, surface reactions, deuterium fractionization, and transport phnomena.
Developer: Dmitry Semenov


Extensive deuterium chemistry network (55,000+ reactions with subsets) based on the OSU network with up-to-date reaction rates from recent laboratory and theoretical estimations.
Developer: Tobias Albertsson
A 1D climate - photochemistry - radiative transfer code that models a wide range of extrasolar planet atmospheres and resulting observables.
Developer: Lisa Kaltenegger
Self-gravity / Poisson-Solver for (magneto)-hydrodynamics
Developer: Rolf Kuiper
Reference: Kuiper et al., ApJ (2010) vol. 722 pp. 1556
Parallelized dust continuum radiative transfer code that supports any arbitrary 3-d dust density geometry.
Developer: Thomas Robitaille
Hybrid radiation transport module for (magneto)-hydrodynamics
Developer: Rolf Kuiper
Reference: Kuiper et al., A&A (2010) vol. 511 pp. 81-96
Combined planet formation and evolution code including the effects of gas and solid accretion, disk evolution and orbital migration.
Developer: Christoph Moradasini

Galaxies and Cosmology Department


A suit of codes to compute statistical equilibrium and Non-LTE radiative transfer for the atmospheres of FGKM stars. 
Contact: Maria Bergemann, Mikhail Kovalev


These are state-of-the-art statistical equilibrium codes that compute Non-LTE synthetic spectra in one or three dimensions. 
Contact: Maria Bergemann, Andy Gallagher
AREPO Arepo is a massively parallel gravity and magnetohydrodynamics code for astrophysics, designed for problems of large dynamic range. Arepo is originally optimized for cosmological simulations of structure formation, but has also been used in many other applications in astrophysics. 
Developer: Prof. Volker Springel + AREPO community
Local contact: Annalisa Pillepich

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