PhD Program

There are mainly two ways to apply for a PhD position at MPIA.

IMPRS Program

The Heidelberg International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) is the main PhD program from which MPIA recruits its students. If you are looking for a PhD position this is probably the place to look first. It is particularly useful for international candidates.

Further PhD Opportunities

In addition to IMPRS program, very talented and motivated students are also encouraged to directly contact Prof. Dr. Henning for the PSF department, Prof. Dr. Meisenheimer or any other staff member for the GC department, and Dr. Laura Kreidberg for the APEx department. Specially tailored PhD projects can usually be arranged for exceptional candidates. For general questions about the PhD program at the MPIA contact Prof. Dr. Meisenheimer, and Dr. Laura Kreidberg.

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