Head of Administration

Mathias Voss

Administration Manager


  • Organization, supervision and control of all administrative activities. Coordination and planning of administrative processes, organizational development.
  • Budget representative, including preparation and implementation of budget plans, as well as financial resource management for institutional and project-related funding.
  • Coordination of budget estimate preparation.
  • Supervision of budgetary and economic management of the institute in regard to compliance with budgetary rules and other regulations.
  • Advice and support in legal and organizational matters, in difficult administrative tasks, financial, personnel and procurement questions.
  • Administrative support of national and international involvements and large projects, especially for outer space projects. Design, evaluation and controlling of contracts and their budgets.
  • Commercial management and coordination of the German partner company of the Large Binocular Telescope (LBTB).
  • Commercial management of the Haus der Astronomie(HdA).
  • Property and building management, including the coordination of all structural concerns.
  • Representative of the directors in all works council matters.
  • Consultant and support function in the areas of health, fire prevention, occupational and environmental safety.
  • Deputy of the managing director in occupational safety committee meetings.
  • Representative of the institute toward third parties and to the Max-Planck Administrative Headquarters in all administrative and legal matters.
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