Human Resources

The Human Resources Department of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy is made up of the following sections:

  • Employee management and budget
  • Consulting and support of employees and the Institute management
  • Personnel administration
  • Travel expense processing
  • Recruitment
  • Training and cooperation with the Duale Hochschule
  • Compatibility of career, science and family, work-life balance, dual career

The work focuses mainly on administrative support of the scientists, the technical department staff, the administrative-technical staff, as well as the young scientists and the foreign guest scientists. The Human Resources Department supports the Institute's management in the implementation of its administrative duties. The HR sector is continuously evolving to meet changing scientific requirements.


Head of human resources

  • Counselling and support of employees and Institute management in fundamental issues to do with human resources 
  • Staffing plan and management of personnel resources 
  • Job evaluations
  • Recruitment
  • Administration of contracts that resemble civil service contracts and service contracts outside the TVöD
  • Consulting on personnel planning for third-party funding applications
  • Compatibility of career and family, work-life balance, dual career
  • Organization and coordination of training and support of Duale Hochschule students.
  • External representation of the Institute in personnel law matters and in personnel-related networks

Human resources administration

  • Administration of TVöD employees
    • Postdocs, scientific, technical and administrative staff  
  • Recruitment operations and employment contracts 
  • Social security and VBL  
  • Parental leave, parental allowance 
  • Compensation benefits
  • Postdoc job evaluations
  • Student Assistants
  • Interns
  • Master- and  Bachelor Agreements
  • Trainees
  • Scholarshipholders
  • Guest Agreements
  • Secondment certificates for trips abroad
  • Reimbursement pf vistors
  • Processing of PhD students, student assistants, interns, trainees  
  • Providing information and maintaining data on absences (vacation, special leave, time off work, illness)
  • travel expenses
  • Job ticket, travel expenses

Human resources administration/travel expense administration 

Jana Baier
  • +49 6221 528-345
Lilo Schleich
  • +49 6221 528-276
  • Guest arrangements
  • Master/Bachelor arrangements
  • Travel expense administration
  • Processing of business travel requests
  • Travel expense accounting/settlement
  • Guest travel accounting/settlement
  • Business travel reservations

International Office

  • Support of employees with entry formalities
  • visa matters
  • Support with necessary applications to local authorities
  • Support of new employees in finding accommodation, schools, childcare facilities
  • Administration of the MPIA guest apartments
  • Settlement of travel


Additional staff

Temporarily in the Human Resources Department:


Dual University student

Ann-Sophie Münch
  • +49 6221 528-190
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