To keep the house running and in working order, there are various caretakers who provide regularly scheduled services. Don't be alarmed if you meet:

  • Dale & Betsy Robinson, the property managers
  • Maria Reyes, the housekeeper
  • The pool man or the gardener, or occasionally the exterminator (exterior only)

The contractors above all have their own keys to the parts of the house or garden that they need access to. They are to be considered "boots on the ground" in keeping the house in proper working condition. If you're in doubt about someone who wants to do services or modifications to the house, immediately call Dale & Betsy Robinson to verify.

Dale & Betsy Robinson are the local property managers. They come by once per week. They are also your first point of contact for any concerns about the house. Tel: (520) 790-7906

Maria Reyes, the regular housekeeper, comes twice a week - or more if necessary - to make up the rooms for new guests and do basic cleaning. She will usually not ring the doorbell but enters with her own key.

Tom Austin, of "Poolbusters" comes by weekly in winter, twice a week in summer to service the pool. He will usually not ring the doorbell but go directly to the back yard and do regular cleaning and service of the pool. He may park his truck right in the driveway.

A team of garden workers takes care of the yard plantings. They typically come twice a month and mow the lawn, service the automatic irrigation, prune the trees, etc. They do not ring the doorbell but go directly to work.

Chris, for "Good News Exterminating" comes once a month. He generally sprays only around the exterior perimeter of the house to prevent unauthorized 6- or 8-legged guests from checking in.

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