Hans-Walter Rix

Director, Department Galaxies and Cosmology


Hans-Walter Rix has been working on understanding why galaxies—arising ultimately from random fluctuations in the early Universe—exhibit such intricate structure and beautiful regularity in their dynamics and stellar populations.

The tools of his trade are extensive spectroscopic and imaging surveys of galaxies, galaxy dynamics, and stringent data modelling approaches.

He is pursuing two fundamentally different approaches to understanding how galaxies arose: looking to far-away and hence younger galaxies, and dissecting our very own Milky Way as a model organism for galaxies. 

Research Interests

The Milky Way
Presume we knew the orbit, chemical composition, and age of most stars in our galaxy: what would it teach us about the formation of the Milky Way and other galaxies? more
Sky Surveys
Taking images and spectra of all objects across the entire sky is now within reach: a treasure trove for understanding the world of galaxies. more
Galaxy Evolution
A look into the distance is a look into the past: what can we learn about galaxy evolution from high-redshift observations? more

Publications List

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