Career opportunities

The department offers diploma/master and PhD theses in all fields of planet and star formation.

Observational projects, numerical simulations as well as theoretical investigations can be carried out. Experimental/instrumental topics in the fields of adaptive optics, interferometry, and infra-red space astronomy are also available. Open staff/postdoc positions are listed centrally on the Job Board of the MPIA.

Further information

Further information on career opportunities in the department can be found under Study & Career in the section Studying at MPIA:

The Max Planck Society and Heidelberg University collaborate in the International Max Planck Research School for Astronomy & Cosmic Physics (IMPRS-HD) at the University of Heidelberg. more

Undergraduate students interested in writing a Masters or PhD thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy at a later date are encouraged to apply for a mini research project at the institute. more

The MPIA study guide addresses a number of questions you might have about studying at MPIA: Why astronomy or astrophysics in the first place? Why Heidelberg? And why choose the MPIA? more

The purpose of the PhD Advisory Committee (hereafter PAC) at MPIA is to monitor the progress of PhD students to help ensure successful completion of their theses. more

Interested in a bachelor or master thesis? Please apply under more

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